29. & 30. May dates have been cancelled


We have to realize that we are getting too close to the 29. may to but together a good and solid camp, so we have chosen to cancel it – we are currently looking at the possiblity of moving it to the fall/winter of 2015 instead.

If you want to help then get in touch with us!

Camp mission!

Following along with the guidelines of Drupal Denmark, our main focus is to spread and share knowledge of Drupal to all types of users.
However we are mainly represented by developers –Frontend, Backend and what have you of types– and so the majority of the content will be focused around that segment of users.

That said we are very open to new ideas and suggestions about what topics or talks we should include at the camp, let us hear about it!.

We will try to keep talks within 2 different focus topics: Drupal 8 & Drupal 7.

Drupal 8

What improvements and new technologies are Drupal 8 gonna bring and how can we already now begin to take advantage off!.

Drupal 7

Is still widely used and will most likely be so for the near future, but how are we gonna prepare our self and take advantage of elements already implemented in Drupal 8.